The Packet User's Guide

This total package should allow anyone (from raw beginner to Extra) interested in digital communications to get up and running on Packet.  Larry Buck (K1HEJ) (tip of the hat to Larry) has provided a packet map (and has devoted a good part of his life to this mode) while Bill Barrett (W1WJB) is providing additional data and assistance.  Chuck Rexroad (AB1CR) has been very instrumental in building some of these instruction modules and is a digital guru of the first order.

There are many others as well but the point is that if you have any questions after reading the material our SM is putting up on the website (Thanks, Betsey!) you have a lot of folks who will help you get started.

It is simple, inexpensive, a lot of fun and it could be critical in an emergency, disaster or catastrophe.

Please explore these pages and put some new excitement in your ham life.

The College of Packet Radio Knowledge (Powerpoint Files)

                Part 1                 Part 2                 Part 3                 Part 4

AB1CR's Original Quick Start Guide for Packet

                Quick Start Guide

Packet Technical Guide for the New User

                New User Technical Guide

Need Another Serial Port?  Here's How!

                Additional Serial Port

Northeastern States Flexnet Destination Information

                Flexnet Destinations