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              MARS Drill Report

The form below (those with blue backgrounds) are for you to complete.  The remaining entries (those with grey backgrounds) have been pre-configured with default values for the status of the various infrastructure elements.  If any of these values are incorrect for your particular report, simply choose the correct entry.   Remember, we are supposed to report conditions as they actually exist - do not make stuff up!!

MARS Drill Report
1.  Town:  

2:  County FIPS Code:
    Use the five-digit FIPS code and add a leading zero for compatibility with the NWS SAME code.  In Connecticut the county codes are:
09001  Fairfield County.
09003  Hartford County.
09005  Litchfield County.
09007  Middlesex County.
09009  New Haven County.
09011  New London County.
09013  Tolland County.
09015  Windham County.

3.  Time of Observation:  Date and time of when the information was obtained and not necessarily when the message was transmitted or relayed.  Use DDHHMM for the format, (Day, Hour, & Minute).  November 4th at 4:25 PM would be:
    041625 *ALWAYS LOCAL TIME*


4.  Power Status:
    Y:  Yes.  Commercial power is fully functional in the county except for routine maintenance.
    R:  Rolling Blackout.  Planned outages with little warning intended to ease stress on the power grid.
    P:  Partial Blackout.  Unplanned interruption of commercial power only in parts of the county.
    B:  Brownout.  Reduction in voltage used as an emergency measure to prevent system failure.
    N:  No.  A Blackout has occurred.   Complete unplanned commercial power interruption in the county.

Y   R   P   B   N

5.  Water Status:
    Y:  Yes.  Fully functional water service in the county except for routine maintenance.  (Green).
    P:  Partial.  Unplanned interruption of water service only in parts of the county.
    C:  Contaminated.  Water service is available but contaminated and should not be used.
    N:  No.  Complete unplanned water service interruption.

Y   P   C   N

6.  Sanitation Status:
    Y:  Yes.  Fully functioning sanitation service in the county except for routine maintenance.   (Green).
    P:  Partial.  Unplanned interruption of sanitation service only in part of the county.
    N:  No.  Complete unplanned sanitation service interruption.

Y   P   N

7.  Medical Infrastructure Status:
    Y:  Yes.  Fully functioning and staffed hospitals and clinics with spare capacity available.   
    P:  Partial.  Unplanned decrease of capacity in the county due to loss of facilities.
    R:  Partial due to personnel.   Unplanned decrease in capacity due to loss of personnel.
    F:  Full.  Facilities are at maximum capacity and can’t handle new patients.
    N:  Not available.  Medical facilities are unusable due to loss of personnel or infrastructure.

Y   P   R   F   N

8.  Communication System Status:
    Y:  Yes.  Fully functioning commercial and civil government local communications.  
    P:  Partial.  Commercial communications out but local government communications are operational.
    N:  No.  Complete loss of local communications and government communications.
Y   P   N

9.  Transportation Status:
    Y:  Yes.  Fully functioning mass transit, roads, and rail systems except for routine maintenance.
    P:  Partial.  Unplanned interruption in service or loss of road/rail in parts of the county.
    N:  No.  Complete loss of mass transit systems.  Roads remain available except for those damaged.

Y   P   N

10.  Information Source:
    C:  Commercial Broadcast.  This includes non-validated sources such as local radio and TV news.
    E:  EAS.  Government Broadcast.  Information received from EAS/IPAWS over any media.
    G:  Civil government or public officials other than EAS/IPAWS such as from an EOC.
    A:  Amateur.  Information originated by amateur radio operators and not validated or coordinated by public officials.
    R:  Relay.  Information originated by civil government that is subsequently relayed through amateur radio.

C   E   G   A   R

11.  Other Remarks:
A typical use of the ”Remarks Field” would be to spell out the county name, place the reporting station call-sign, or list the organizations name or source of information.
Your Callsign: