AFMARS Weather Observation Report
1:  Location:
    These are the Connecticut airports that provide weather observation reports:

2:  Time of Observation:
    The time of the observation in UTC (Zulu).   To convert from Eastern Standard Time to UTC, add 5 hours.  During Daylight Savings, add 4 hours:
           Time of Observation:  

3a.  Wind Direction:  Wind direction in degrees with values between 0 and 350.  Report the direction to the nearest 10 degrees.  Round up if the last digit is 5 or greater and round down if it's 4 or less.
3b.  Wind Speed:  Wind speed in knots.   If the figure given is in Miles Per Hour (MPH) check the MPH button.   Otherwise, just leave the MPH button blank for knots.

4.  Visibility:
    In the US, visibility is generally given in Statute miles.  If conditions are particularly bad, other measures may be given ,such as "yards", etc.  Enter the number in the box and check the appropriate button for the unit used.
Statute Miles   Meters   KM   Yards   Feet

5.  Cloud Layer:
    Y:  Cloud layers are reported in feet above ground plus the amount of sky cover encountered, typically using terms such as "Scattered", "Broken", "Overcast", etc.  A report may give only a single cloud layer (5000 Broken), or multiple layers (1500 Scattered, 5000 Broken, 9000 Overcast).  There is space below to enter up to four level entries and their associated covers.

Layer 1:
Layer 2:
Layer 3:
Layer 4:

6.  Temperature:      

7.  Dewpoint:      

8.  Altimeter Setting (AKA Barometric Pressure:
    In the US, the Barometric Pressure is given in inches of mercury, for example, 29.92 inches.  The altimeter reading is the same but without the decimal point, e.g., 2992.   Typical readings are between 28 inches (2800) to about 33 inches (3300.) During hurricanes the readings could drop to 25 or 26 inches.  If your readings are in the 950 to 1100 range, you may have been given the readings in millibars.  Enter the number you were given (without a decimal point) and check the appropriate scale.

Inches    Millibars

Your Callsign: