Where Am I and Who Is In Charge


ARESŪ is an activity under the American Radio Relay League whose national headquarters happens to be in Newington, CT.

The country is broken down into “sections” which are usually about the size of a small state. In our case, Connecticut is a section unto itself.

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The person in charge of everything in the section is the Section Manager

Our CT Section Manager is

Betsey Doane, K1EIC

The person responsible for all the ARES work in a section is the Section Emergency Coordinator. Because this is a major job, the SEC will often also have one or more assistants.

Our CT Section Emergency Coordinator is:

Wayne Gronlund, N1CLV
n1clv@mac.com or Wayne.R.Gronlund@uscg.mil

Our assistant SECs are:

Rod Lane, N1FNE

Art Fregeau, AF1HS

Special Purpose DEC:

Steve Williams, K1SJW

Look at the CT state map below. There are 5 OEM Regions. These are the “landed” regions. Which one do you live in?

Towns in Region 1
Southwest part of the state

Towns In Region 2
South Central part of the state

Towns In Region 3
North central part of the state

Towns In Region 4
Eastern part of the state

Towns In Region 5
Northwest part of the State

CT Regional Map

We also have some very special activities. They are not location specific, but are state-wide. These include:

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